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A Message To 5 Years Younger Me!

Growing Up

When I look back 5 years, I realize how things have changed, how I have changed. There are a lot of things that changed for good and some for which I would love to be my old self. Even though time travel is not invented yet but for how long! It was few hundred years when the pigeons were the fastest way of communication and also I am a Steins;Gate fan. Well jokes apart, I always try to reflect on the past and learn from it. So I thought why not send a message to 5 years younger me?

The 5 years younger me is a final year college student looking for new opportunities in his life. He somewhat lacks confidence but is very persistent and does not fear the unknown. Even though financially weak, money is of very little significance to him. The only driving force in his life is his passion for learning and technology. This passion led him to learn about 9 programming languages with certification in few and some interesting projects in all.

Dear 5 Years Younger Me,

I know things might not be looking very good right now, but I promise everything will turn out to be great. There will be times where you will think that you are not gonna make it, but believe me when I say that most of the times you will. The only few times that you will fail, you will soon realize that it was for the better and to make you a better person. You will temporarily meet people who will leave a mark in your life but remember change is the only constant. You will do things that you never believed you can and will make the best out of every situations. Do not stress too much about things that are out of your control and take control of things you can. Learn to say “No” when you don’t feel like it.

If you are still wondering, buying those domains is totally worth it. Opposite to the popular belief about developers and domains, you will eventually build something interesting out of them. Also your health is your most valuable asset never compromise on it and start building good habits. Your dreams are equally important and you should never put them on the back burner. There are lot of things that you want to do and achieve, but remember you cannot do everything at once, so start slow and stay consistent.

Finally, the mistakes that haunt you today will look like a good laugh in a few years, so don’t worry about them much. Just keep learning, be care free, be social, live, laugh and love.

The one and only,

Rintaro from Steins;Gate

You can read more about my travel experience in the Stunning Scenery of Spiti Valley. I did not include it to “A message to 5 years younger me” because I did not wanted to spoil it for myself but what’s stopping you?

Happy GeeKing!

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